The Felis Catus Official Strategy Guide – Part 1

Welcome to the official strategy guide for Felis Catus, affectionately called by its biggest fans as simply “Felis”! Felis is Mammalia Corporation’s second most-popular production—next to Canis Familiaris—with over 500 million copies sold worldwide. 

A special note to long-time players of Canis: while Canis is famed for its family-friendliness and multiplayer compatibility, Felis only supports single-player mode and comes with a recommended E10+ rating. Definitely keep away from the babies of the house! 

Mammalia Corporation created Felis in response to Canis players’ demand for easier playability. Thus, unlike the companion options in Canis spanning hundreds of sizes, shapes, colors, and personalities, the options here have been simplified to color (white, black or orange) and fur (long or short).


Felis Catus begins at the adoption shelter where the player is choosing his or her first companion. Through the player’s conversation with the shelter staff, you learn that you’re a college student living away from home for the first time. You always dreamed of owning a companion but your father’s allergies never allowed for it.

Once you’ve chosen your companion, you will have the option of keeping its original name (“Cat”) or creating a new one. The voice-recognition feature from Canis was stripped in developing Felis so your companion will not react to any words you attempt to say to it. However, the feature is still enabled for players to speak at their companion if they so wish.

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