Tag: flash fiction

The Machine

“You don’t have to do this,” she said. Her voice was calm and soothing, like all the other machines of her prototype.“The Network decreed cyborgs are fine, you’re still part of our web, after all.”

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A Letter from the Dead

Transcribed below are the contents found within a letter inside an unmarked envelope. I found it atop the nightstand at my bedside, leaning against the broken motel clock radio. The letter itself was written on plain computer paper in a messy half-cursive, half-print handwriting.

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The Felis Catus Official Strategy Guide

Welcome to the official strategy guide for Felis Catus, affectionately called by its biggest fans as simply “Felis”! Felis is Mammalia Corporation’s second most-popular production—next to Canis Familiaris—with over 500 million copies sold worldwide.  A special note to long-time players of Canis: while Canis is famed for its family-friendliness and multiplayer compatibility, Felis only supports…

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Be Brave

Beyond the field was the enemy’s land. I was almost there. And there was no going back. I could not return a failure to my family. I could not explain to them how I had allowed her to fall into their hands and not saved her. I had to do it. She was counting on me. I was all she had.

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